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When I encountered Masoud’s new body of work, I didn’t know how to react. His paintings were vastly different from his old work. His composition was darker and fragmented compared to his old vibrant and wholesome paintings. Many questions ran through my mind: what was the inspiration behind this new work? Was it pain? Was it a reflection of the times we are in? Was it experimental?

As I spent more time with his work, something stirred inside me. Perhaps it was the fragments he arranged to create portraits. Perhaps it was the way he made darkness so beautiful.  In his new work, Masoud captures life in its truest form, as a collection of fragments, moments, stories and pieces that can only make sense once glued together. His new work is a testament of his growth as an artist, and his ability to capture and create beauty amidst chaos.

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masoud kibwana art school in you tube

Welcome to masoud’s youtube channel that provides an extensive tutoring on fine art and sketching.

  • sketching
  • oil painting
  • acrylic painting
  • realism painting
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Different Type of Painting Service Provided

variety of media, by Masoud Kibwana.

Acrylic Art

love of art

Canvas Painting

The cloth that brings light to the imaginative world

Abstract Art

The new type of art with its scene as an independent hand free theme.

Oil Paintings

The beast of the Jungle

Spray Portrait

live a free life with no strings.