Proposing Love

Proposing Love

Metanoetic Figuration respects tradition and has its feet firmly planted in the now outdated postmodernism – it integrates styles and manners of painting, that were developed and refined in the centuries preceding modernism (not caring if they are Venetian mannerism, Dutch baroque, or French classicism – what ever). Thus Metatoetic Figuration has its feet firmly planted in tradition too, but (admitedly) in the postmodern way of direspecting the idea of history as a linear progression. However, our disrespect for linearity does not spring from a postmodernist ideology, but from mysticism: the realization that transcendental beingness has more validity as a state from wich art can spring, than a causal relationship between inspiration and expression – however chaotic that causality may be.
In our metanoetic view, history is neither linear nor non-linear: it is simply a conglomerate of events that happen, the moment simply is and so is the succession of moments called history. Later momentary events are comprehended as a narrative, but this narrativizing is only a projection of temporality on to atemporal moments by ordering them in a teleological succession. Thus history is a postulate and can never be anything else.
We are tired of postulates, thus we are tired of nous. Nous can never comprehend anything but its own ordering of things, and it fools itself by calling its narrativizing “understanding” og “cognizing”. Nous is nothing but a construct, and its comprehension nothing but projection. Alas: we can scarecely live without it, but we should indeed understand the fact, that there is a possible life beyond nous, and understand that a life lived only in nous, the noetic life, is indeed less that a half life. Thus our new paradigm is metanoesis.


Project Details

  • 121 King St, Melbourne VIC 3, Australia

  • Stephen Jones

  • Crayons, Sketch, Scissors


  • May 8th - Jun 5th

  • London