Dark Beauty

To understand the new figurative trend in painting, one has to understand the concept of metanous thoroughly. In this context it might seem appropriate to dicuss the meaning of metanous and metanoetic in the light of late modernist developments in art.
The end of modernism
Art after Rothko found itself in a situation of perpetual plagiarism with no other escape but to abstract itself out of its own object. The work of art emptied itself of its own raison d’etre: art. Several courses developed and florished: the work of art with art abstracted out of it, went through pop-art and has has after 20 years found its utmost expression in kitsch-ism. On the other hand art as an idea, that is: abstracted out of the object, went through conceptual art and installations and gradually turned in on its own source in bodyart in a display of the fragile source of both art as idea and art as object. Both are completely noetic, indeed glorify nous, but a selfreferential and thus self-mirroring, not a non-selfreferential and thus free, nous.

Project Details

  • 13 st Cambridge Rd

  • Carl Leeman

  • Sculpture, Crayon

  • http://envato.com

  • Jan 8th - Feb 13th

  • England