Brave Man

We don’t call it mysticism, for tha notion of mysticism is, today, a cliché and thus also a noeotic construct: religions attemt to grasp metanous. Unfortunately with such a poor translation of the term “metanoueite” as “repent”. Metanoueite actually means to go beyong the mind; thats what we are trying to do.
Such an attempt, when transposed to a work of art, is of course doomed to fail, and as history shows: mysticism has failed gravely exept for the few in which it spontaneaously happened – like St. Symeon, Meister Eckhart or Richard Rolle.
So history happens just as the moments of which it is made up simply happen. It is like a man (to illustrate the point with a motif some of us happen to paint) may wrap himself up in a sheet and roll about on the floor. He isn’t doing anything particular, for his actions have no purpose (just like history has no purpose since it is constructed of moments of timelessness). The man is there in time and space (just as history is) but in the moment there is no time nor space, there is just being; secondarily being is wrapped in doing. And, please note: this doing, in wich being is wrapped, is bound in time and space and thus IS history. We are not against history, we only profess to explain that history can never go beyond nous – and this we must point out in order to explain our metanoetic approach to arthistory and the tradition we want to continue in our doing (our art) yet ignore utterly in our being.
So to point towards the timeless spaceless being in time and space we paint seemingly mimetic pictures of doing devoid of story.
Paradox has always been the language of mysticsm – obviously since language is a noetic construct and a projection of meaning onto the world, talking about metanoesis must deconstruct the projected meaning inherent in the language in order to just faintly convey the idea of metanoesis.
We dont profess to solve this paradox of time as a seccession of no-time and being as a spaceless precesence, but we insist on an art that employs it in order to help the viewer transcend it. Thus we have come to the conclusion, that metanoesis can best be developed in figurative art at this point in the history of western art since western culture, and its aesthetics, are totally preoccupied with nous.


Project Details

  • 19 elda St, Melbourne MP 3, Australia

  • Codey Eve

  • Sculpture, Crayon


  • Jan 8th - Feb 13th

  • Germany